The Best Homes for Rent in Idaho!

There are several reasons to use Babalou Inc. As YOUR property management company. It is amazing how many people can simply forget when the first is coming up. on Approximately the 20th, invoices are mailed to all tentants . This helps so that a higher percentage of tenatns checks are collected on time.


With fees as low as 8% of rents collected we are one of the cheapest property management's fees in town. Many companies employ a system of charge for this and charge for that. Here at Babalou we keep it simple. There is a $100.00 for a new tenant, and that is it no other fees to look for. 

Looking to Invest in Real Estate?

There are many different styles of investing in Real Estate. There is investing through your 401k. Investing using all cash. Investing using as much bank money as possible and everything in between. Here is a brief description of all of them and watch my blog for more information on how you can invest to best suit your financial and lifestyle information.