What We Do

boise homes for rent and moreBabalou Inc. is a property management company. We have proudly been managing property in Ada and Canyon County since 2005.

Here at Babalou, we can provide a better service for our clients. How we provide a better service is we will try to taper what we do to what you desire. A few of the services we provide are;

• We advertise your home. We have tried to make sure that all homes managed by us are out to as many sites that can be found. Some of the larger ones that are posted to are craigslist, Zillow, hotpads, Trulia, Enormo, Oodle, vast and many more. If you desire greater advertising there are many ways places we can also advertise on that have fees associated with them (MLS, Paper, Magazines) Of course, we also have signs to place in each yard.


•  Drive by inspections to ensure your property is being well taken care of. This is done approximately every month and more frequently early on.


•  A cellphone for contact is almost always on and rarely turned off at night, this gives you or the tenant the ability to contact at any time. This can be beneficial to tenants in case of a problem.

•  Any repairs under $150  ($150 is standard but this number is variable depending on your desire) are just taken care of and either taken out of the rent check or you can reimburse us.

• In depth Tenant inspection process.  Some of these include Rental History, Background check, credit check and an employment check.  This helps ensure we are putting in the best tenant possible for you.

• All of our repair people are licensed and insured in order to bring you greater protection.  We have managed to find some of the top companies in the area to maintain your property in our history.   

A couple more things that we find a little more unique to Babalou Inc.

• It is amazing how many people can simply forget when the first is coming up. On approximately the 20th, Invoices are mailed to all tenants. This helps so that a higher percentage of tenant’s checks are collected on time.

• With fees as low as 8% of rents collected we are one of the cheapest property management’s fees in town*.   Many companies employ a system of charge for this and charge for that.  Here at Babalou we keep it simple.  There is a $100 fee for a new tenant.  That is it there is no other fees to look for.

There are many more services that are provided. However I think this is most of the highlights. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact Babalou Inc.  at any time.

* Minimum property management fee is $50 per month.  One property – 9% 2-4 properties 9% 5+ properties with us 8%